LISTEN HERE: https://untitledtapeuntitledwork.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-tape-untitled-work

Boomkat Review:

Stunning, iridescent, nocturnal strums perfuse the durational sketches - highly immersive, beautiful gear that sounds something like Vincent Gallo and Iasos having a deep one.

Betraying their fine grasp of non-standard tunings, wandering feel for space, and aerosolised textures, these four extended, untitled pieces stem from a sort of communal feedback loop. Revolving Leon Brichard, Jesse Hackett and Jeff Wootton subsume a wealth of worldly musical coordinates into their sound, echoing everyone from Eno to Emeralds in their stealthily subliminal transitions between calm and climactic ecstasies.

Part 1 sets the tone with a languid guitar lead and gorgeous Rhodes shimmers coaxed into elliptical contours, parting the waves for a spellbinding 2nd section that bares comparison with vintage nature or science documentary soundtracks, especially in its sublime mid-point. Part 3 pays testament to their fine control with a sublime tension held between the interplay of bass guitar and synth wow and flutter for 10 minutes, with the pulsating final piece buffeted by turbulence and cosmic synth rays

released November 11, 2021