• SEA SHANTY (2018)
  • SEA SHANTY (2018)



LISTEN HERE: https://teethagency.bandcamp.com/album/sea-shanty

Teeth Agency's Sea Shanty 7" is a personal and melancholic work. This haunting collection of songs is described as underwater sea organ music 'Johnny Mermaid' evokes the mood of a final decent into murky ocean waters as a 'last goodbye' poem. Similar in sentiment is side B with the lo-fi Casio-prayer 'Take me Down'. Available as a limited edition, hand numbered 7" vinyl, exclusively via our store www.teethagency.com. This soundtrack is enveloped in a sleeve of deep sea photographs taken by photographer Nathan Foster . His discovery of a sunken ship lead him to the ships infirmary with a stark pile of human bones and the back image a striking ship's dead eye looking like death's head above the choppy waters. - Jesse & Mariano

Released November 21, 2018

Lyrics: Bill Hackett, Music: Jesse Hackett, Additional Vocals: ESKA, Images: Nathan Foster