• OUTHOUSE (2018)
  • OUTHOUSE (2018)




'Out House' is the first installment by Teeth Agency. The book is a catalogue that visually translates music via personal notes, drawings, computer renderings and a back and forth exchange between Jesse Hackett and Mariano Chavez. Some photos and sculptures are from the childhood home where Hackett grew up and served as a sketch for the songs and environment where the music was created. Chavez then filters the sound and image and visualizes the piece and a narrative that is described through these images. Together Hackett and Chavez work with the sound and image to create a unique poem that works together or as two separate parts. Jesse describes Out House as crypt rock / swamp sounds / underwater organ / family jams.

Th​is​ digital soundtrack is taken from 'Out House', a Music-Book-Art-Object by Teeth Agency. The complete object is exclusively available via www.teethagency.com.