• JUNK (2015)

JUNK (2015)



Jesse Hackett (a.k.a. Elmore Judd) makes his fully fledged debut under that moniker with the sleazy lo-fi glam of 'Junk'. So-titled after the fact it was entirely made on a Yamaha PSR-110 found in a recycling dump, it weighs in the firmest portyal of Hackett as solo performer to date, following on from numerous collaborations including Blludd Relations with Nathan Jenkins (a.k.a. Bullion), Owiny Sigoma Band (with Tom Skinner), and his role in Damon Albarn's band. Effectively, this is an superb exercise in pop economy, juicing a fine spectrum of pop songs from the merest equipment to cycle from the pop presets of 'The Dump Run' to a cartoonish dedication to his daughter, 'Wonder', via the bubblegum coldwave styles of 'Buckle Down Bill', the natty 8-bit ditty of 'Lovely Lady', and the freakish pop bop of 'Genesis P'orrible'. Junk is glam rock and "sleazy lizard lounge punk-funk," all recorded on a Yamaha PSR-110 found in a recycling dump.