• ANGEL SOUND (2005)




Boomkat Product Review:

'Jesse Hackett originally released this debut Elmore Judd album on his own label back in 2005, even going so far as to peddle copies of the CD himself outside Camden's Rhythm Records. Since then Honest Jons snapped him up, releasing the latest Elmore Judd album Insect Time just a couple of months back. Considering Angel Sound was made largely as a one-man operation, there's an impressive level of finesse and polish to these productions with a kind of slow grooving digital hip hop bent that brings to mind Prefuse 73 or Dabrye on 'Intro To Judd World' and stuttering synth funk on 'You Said You Were Different'. Hackett and his collaborators (usually drummer Tom Skinner) make a jumbled up racket that evokes Jimi Tenor's tongue-in-cheek electronic soul, with the same balance of keyboard-driven high jinks and knowing croon.'