• 432+ (2021)

432+ (2021)



Firmly established among NNT’s weirdest and most watchable units, Metal Preyers slug screwed anthems on their killer 2nd mixtape for the central/east African powerhouse. Responsible for some of 2020’s strangest highlights with their eponymous debut, plus a single-sided 12” and the ‘Preying Well’ mixtape, the project now gathers their late night energies at a wickedly knackered slant across two sides of original compositions patched into a snaking tale of psychedelic torment and grouching grooves that pick up where they left off, deep in the underbelly of Kampala after dark.

Under the cryptic title of ‘432+’, a grippingly slow sequence of events and smeared styles occur, following an elusive thread of sozzled logic between bleary ballads, drag-mode Afrobeat bangers, and absolutely killer patches of splayed drill drums, into more gutturally psychoactive, bad-belly turns of digital distortion and smeared Naija anthems that make way for viscous R&B and dematerialised noise.

Quite simply, nobody else is making this kind of concentrated crud right now, striking the most vital balance of daring impressionism and rugged, druggy function that can’t help but suck listeners into its surreal temporality and psychedelic weltanschauung.